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Apple's New AI Tool Brings Still Images to Life

Apple researchers have developed a groundbreaking new AI system that can animate static images simply by describing the desired motion in plain language. Called "Keyframer", this innovative tool harnesses the powerful generative capabilities of large language models to quickly bring illustrations and designs to life through natural language animation prompts.

Apple's New AI Tool Brings Still Images to Life

Apple made an AI image tool that lets users animate their picture

Keyframer works by allowing users to upload a vector graphic like an SVG file of a cartoon character. They can then type prompts such as "Make the clouds float across the sky" or "Have the character wave their arm slowly". Through the magic of artificial intelligence, Keyframer analyzes the prompts and automatically generates the CSS code needed to create an animated version of the original image.

The tool was created by Apple researchers in collaboration with animation designers and engineers. Through user research and iterative design, they found Keyframer's greatest strength is enabling rapid prototyping while still providing creative control. Users appreciated being able to add multiple prompts one by one to animate individual elements gradually, adapting their vision organically in response to each AI output. Direct code editing also gives precise control over the final product.

Keyframer represents a giant leap that could transform the animation industry by putting once specialist-only skills within reach of everyday creators. It hints at Apple's growing interest in generative AI and follows other recent breakthrough projects. The company also released an AI model called MGIE that edits pixel-level photo adjustments through natural language and MLX, an innovative framework for training models on Apple chips.

Experts say tools like Keyframer have immense potential to democratize design processes. By blending accessible, AI-powered suggestion with hands-on customization, the creative boundaries between person and machine become ever more blurred. As large language models continue advancing, we may see animation techniques that were unimaginable just years ago come to define storytelling in the future. For now, Apple looks to be at the cutting edge of this exciting, collaborative new era between human and artificial intelligence.


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