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Could the iPhone Soon Look Like an Apple TV? Rumors Swirl of Major iOS Redesign

Your iPhone's interface could soon look completely different if the latest rumors turn out to be true. According to a new report, iOS 18 - set to launch in 2026 - may introduce a sweeping redesign of the operating system's look and feel inspired by none other than the Apple TV.


Specifically, iOS 18 may adopt some of the aesthetic elements found in visionOS, the software that runs on Apple's Vision headsets and Vision Pro computer. The Verifier first reported that iOS 18 could see rounded corners, shadows, depth effects, and floating windows - hallmarks of the visionOS interface - come to the iPhone.

This rumors follows recent design changes introduced in tvOS 17.2 for the Apple TV, bringing a refreshed floating sidebar similar to visionOS apps. The redesigned Apple TV app seemingly provides a blueprint for how iOS could evolve visually when iOS 18 drops for iPhones in 2026.

Of course, the company has kept distinct design languages for its variety of devices up until now - so a blending of iOS with visionOS would mark a dramatic departure. At the same time, the larger screens of iPhones today compared to early models allow for more flexibility with graphic design elements.

iOS has seen only iterative modifications over the past several years in areas like widget display and lock screens. But according to noted Apple insider Mark Gurman, iOS 18 has "ambitious changes all around” in store. Gurman did not explicitly confirm a visual transformation to match visionOS, but the rumors indicate Apple may go beyond upgrades to AI capabilities.

Nonetheless, approach reports of an iOS makeover centered on the Vision headset interface with skepticism. The Verifier has a mixed accuracy record with Apple rumors and predictions. And iOS may still retain its signature style even with overhauls to certain aspects of the user experience.

But if iOS 18 delivers a surprise reimagining borrowing from visionOS, get ready to see your

iPhone in a whole new light starting in 2026. The visionOS-inspired features on Apple TV provide hints of what an iPhone mimicry could eventually offer users.

Via 9to5Mac


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