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Dead Island 2 To Join Steam Library as Dead Island: Riptide Goes Free on PC

With the Epic Games Store exclusivity window coming to an end, Deep Silver's long-awaited sequel Dead Island 2 is finally launching on April 22. To help fans get into the zombie-slaying spirit ahead of the new release, the publisher is making the stand-alone expansion Dead Island: Riptide free download until February 15.

Dead Island 2 To Join Steam Library as Dead Island: Riptide Goes Free on PC

Dead Island 2 will be available for purchase through Valve's digital distribution platform starting on April 22 after a year on the Epic Games Store exclusively. This news confirms rumors that the Epic exclusive deal was only for a limited time period before a wider Steam release could take place. 

To celebrate Dead Island 2 joining Steam's massive library, Deep Silver is offering the Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition at no cost until February 15. First released in 2013, Riptide serves as a stand-alone expansion to 2011's Dead Island and sees players returning to the zombie-infested island of Banoi. With its open-world co-op and intense first-person melee combat, Riptide provides hours of replayable undead slaying action to tide fans over until Dead Island 2 arrives.

For those unfamiliar, the Dead Island series transports players to picturesque tropical islands overrun by the undead. Using a wide array of brutal makeshift weapons and survival skills, up to four players team up online or in local co-op to traverse the zombie wastelands, completing main and side quests. Dead Island 2 shifts the action to a new quarantined zone in California and introduces several new gameplay mechanics, although few details have been revealed thus far given its turbulent development cycle.

This free promotion of Riptide comes at an ideal time for both new and veteran Dead Island fans. With the next major entry in the franchise just weeks away from finally gracing Steam after years of delays, what better way to get acquainted with the zany zombie slaying gameplay than through the free prequel? Between now and Dead Island 2's April 22nd launch on Valve's digital storefront, gamers have the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in the anarchic zombie anarchy of the series through Riptide. Just be sure to act fast, as this freebie only lasts until February 15.


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