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Escape from Tarkov Offers Paid Stash Expansions and Offline Co-op in Update

Battlestate Games, the developers behind the popular hardcore shooter Escape from Tarkov, have announced plans to introduce microtransactions into the game. In a recent developer blog post, the studio confirmed long-rumored additions of paid options for stash space and offline co-op play.

Escape from Tarkov to Offer Paid Stash Expansions and Offline Co-op in Upcoming Update

According to sources who spoke to InsideGamer, Battlestate will soon roll out two new in-game purchases. The first will allow players to upgrade their stash size beyond the standard restrictions. Stash space is used to store loot, weapons, and gear collected during raids in Tarkov. However, the small initial stash can fill up quickly, forcing players to discard or sell valuable items. Larger stash upgrades, available for a fee, aim to alleviate this frustration.

The second paid option will activate offline co-op play. Currently, the game only permits solo offline raids for practice and loot runs without risking death or lost gear. The co-op mode will let players team up offline but come at a one-time purchase price. Both upgrades are intended to enhance the gameplay experience for fans willing to spend additional money.

The introduction of microtransactions marks a significant change for Escape from Tarkov. Since its early access launch in 2017, the bleak shooter stood out by not including any loot boxes, cosmetic DLC, or other monetization beyond the initial $45 purchase. Players worried the paid extras could disrupt the game's hardcore survival focus or incentivize pay-to-win mechanics.

However, Battlestate aims to keep the transactions fairly priced and avoid power creep. According to studio head Nikita Buyanov, stash upgrades will max out at a couple hundred dollars worth of virtual currency, not providing clear advantages over standard accounts. Meanwhile, offline co-op remains a PvE option separated from the competitive multiplayer modes. If handled carefully, monetization may generate extra funding to further expand Tarkov without compromising its hardcore roots.

Only time will tell how the Escape from Tarkov community reacts to this first taste of microtransactions. Some fear a slippery slope towards intrusive monetization, while others accept small paid conveniences. With a continued commitment to balancing realism and fun, Battlestate hopes to please fans new and old. But introducing any in-game costs was sure to draw controversy to the budget-friendly survival shooter. Veteran players will be watching closely as extracts become a little more expensive.


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