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Guest Mode Lets Friends Try Apple Vision Pro Without Accessing Private Data

Have you ever wanted to lend your Apple Vision Pro to a friend or family member to try out but were worried about protecting your privacy and personal information? With the guest user feature, you can now confidently share your device without risking accidental access to sensitive data.

Guest User Sessions on Apple Vision Pro

This manual provides instructions for enabling guest mode on your Apple Vision Pro and customizing access settings. Read on to learn how to start a secure guest session and give others a glimpse into your virtual reality world without compromising your identity.

Enabling Guest Mode

To get started, open the Control Center by double tapping the control center button located on the side of your device. Then, select the "Guest User" option to access the settings. Here, you have full control over what level of access is granted to the guest.

You can choose whether the temporary user has access only to currently open apps or all apps installed on your Vision Pro. It's recommended to limit access to open apps only, as this prevents accidental viewing of personal files, accounts, or browsing history within apps like Messages, Photos, and Safari. Your payment information, voice assistant, and personalized persona remain completely private regardless of the selection.

For added security, consider setting a four-digit passcode if one isn't already required. This ensures the device automatically locks if the guest removes it without properly ending the session. Guests will need to enter the passcode provided to resume usage until the timeout period expires.

Viewing Guest Activity

An optional feature called "View Mirroring" allows you to peer into what the guest is experiencing in real-time. To enable this, simply select a compatible device, like your iPhone or iPad, from the list of available mirrors during setup. Both your device and the guest's Vision Pro need to be connected to the same WiFi network for remote viewing capabilities.

This live stream provides a sneak peek at what captivates the guest's attention within the VR world. It's also a helpful troubleshooting tool in case they run into issues navigating the user interface that you can assist with remotely.

Ending the Session

Once the guest finishes exploring, simply have them take off the Apple Vision Pro headset. This automatically concludes their temporary access. You can also manually end it early through the Control Center menu if needed. After a 5 minute timeout with no wearer detected, the guest mode will end on its own for added security.

With guest user sessions, you can now introduce friends and family to immersive virtual reality in a completely safe and controlled manner. Maintain privacy of personal accounts while still offering a preview of the magic of Apple Vision Pro. Get started today and see how easily you can share select VR experiences without worry.


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