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Nintendo Switch 2 Offers Enhanced Backward Compatibility, Boosts Older Games

The Nintendo Switch has captivated players with its hybrid handheld-home console design since launching in 2017, selling over 111 million units globally. Fans now eagerly await details on its successor, rumored to launch later this year. New leaks provide intriguing hints about backward compatibility and boosted performance for older Switch titles on the new hardware.

Nintendo Switch 2 Rumored to Offer Enhanced Backward Compatibility and Boosts for Older Games

Portuguese website Universo Nintendo, which has correctly reported Nintendo Direct details in the past, claims the Switch 2 will be fully backward compatible with physical and digital games from the original Switch. Moreover, developers may be able to "enhance" older games through updates that leverage the Switch 2's reported improvements under the hood.

This aligns with demonstrations of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on a "souped-up" version seen by Nintendo. If true, long-time Switch owners could enjoy revisiting classics with crisper graphics or higher framerates. It may also breathe new life into older eShop titles through visual polish or additional features.

Beyond compatibility and optimizations, rumors suggest Switch 2 will use a custom Nintendo chip co-developed with Nvidia. This points to noticeable gains over the current model. However, exact specs remain unknown ahead of an anticipated hardware reveal event reportedly scheduled for March.

The backward compatibility leak stems from respected Nintendo insider accounts like Universo Nintendo and Centro Leaks on Twitter, which published translated details. Both sources have provided accurate inside information previously. Additional reports independently forecast a 2023 Switch 2 launch window and larger 8-inch OLED display.

While Nintendo keeps quiet as usual, third party studios like EA acknowledge "new platforms are good" and can't comment directly on Switch successors in development. With compelling upgrades and expanded library continuity rumored, Switch 2 lays the foundation to expand Nintendo's reign as the top handheld RPG and family-friendly gaming system for years to come. As 2023 approaches, gaming fans eagerly await the Big N's next console reveal.


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