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Nokia Bridges Communication Gap Between Workers and Machines with New AI Assistant

Tech giant Nokia is aiming to make industrial workplaces more efficient and productive with the launch of its latest artificial intelligence tool - MX Workmate. As revealed in a press release this week, MX Workmate is designed to facilitate natural language interactions between connected workers and operational technology (OT) systems through machine generated responses.

Nokia Bridges Communication Gap Between Workers and Machines with New AI Assistant

Nokia launches MX Workmate Generative AI for Industrial Workers

MX Workmate leverages generative AI and large language models to understand contextual information from real-time OT data. It then packages insights into easy-to-understand human language messages for employees via Nokia's Team Comms solution. This allows workers to obtain up-to-date production status updates, quality control data, and safety recommendations directly from machinery in a hands-free manner.

What makes MX Workmate unique is that it is the first generative AI solution optimized for stringent OT environments. Most AI assistants cannot meet requirements for reliability, security, and data governance in industrial settings. However, Nokia addresses this by hosting MX Workmate locally on its edge computing MX Industrial platform. Additionally, innovations like hallucination elimination allow parallel language models to run securely.

As the world faces an estimated shortage of 85 million skilled tech workers by 2030, effective AI tools are necessary to augment existing labor forces. MX Workmate not only enhances workforce capabilities through knowledge retrieval but also aims to improve flexibility, productivity, and safety. Nokia integrated real-time analytics to streamline workflows and minimize costly errors as well.

In showcasing MX Workmate at next month's MWC, Nokia looks to establish itself as an AI leader for Industry 4.0. By overcoming previous barriers, its new assistant could play a major role in industrial digital transformation and show the benefits of man-machine collaboration. Workers may soon gain superhuman insights through questioning once complex OT systems in their own words.


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