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Pokemon Go Celebrates Love with Special Carnival of Love Valentine's Event

The Pokemon Go Carnival of Love event is bringing some Valentine's Day cheer to trainers with the debut of a new Furfrou trim and sweet bonuses. Starting Tuesday, February 13th until Thursday the 15th, players can change their Furfrou's style to Heart Trim while enjoying increased Candy rewards from Buddy walking and evolutions.

Pokemon Go Celebrates Love with Special Carnival of Love Valentine's Event

According to Niantic, the first Heart Trim Furfrou will be available during the event period. To change Furfrou's trim, trainers simply need to access the Pokemon from their storage and select the new Heart Trim option via the change form button for 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust. Collecting Furfrou with this festive new look offers players an exciting limited-edition variant to show their Valentine's spirit.

In addition to Furfrou's trim debut, several pink-themed Pokemon will see increased wild spawns including Snubbull, Skitty, Luvdisc and the Flabébé line. For Candy collectors, walking with a Buddy Pokemon will guarantee extra Candy XL rewards during the event. Evolving any Pokemon will also provide two guaranteed Candy XL, further assisting with power-ups. These bonus Candy offerings give trainers more opportunities to maximize their Valentine teams amid the abundance of cute Pokemon encounters.

The Pokemon Go Carnival of Love aims to spread seasonal cheer through its Heart Trim Furfrou and gameplay bonuses centered around strengthened trainer-Pokemon bonds. With sought-after new variants to find and increased ways to power-up beloved partners, the short event provides trainers plenty of reasons to spend time exploring their neighborhoods together this Valentine's season. For any trainer seeking that special Furfrou with a heart, the Carnival of Love gives a sweet chance to profess affection through Pokemon.


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