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Stylists Get An Upgrade With Dyson's New Supersonic R

Hair stylists rejoice! Dyson is launching a revolutionary new hairdryer designed just for you. The sleek and ergonomic Supersonic R packs smart features into a lightweight body to give stylists the ultimate high-tech styling weapon.

Showcasing at New York Fashion Week, the Supersonic R turns heads with its unique curved shape. Dyson reshaped the dryer to benefit stylists specifically. The adjustable curve increases maneuverability to access tricky angles and visibility during styling. It also minimizes strain on the wrists thanks to a lighter body weighing just 11 oz.

But the Supersonic R's intelligent design does more than easy maneuvering. It also solves an industry-wide problem - extreme heat damage. The dryer's symmetrical copper heating foils form a suspended air track. This distributes heat evenly through the airflow, eliminating damaging hot spots while still drying hair quickly.

Furthermore, the Supersonic R's attachments contain RFID sensors that automatically communicate with the dryer. The dryer then adjusts its motor and heating elements to optimize settings for different hair types and styles. As a result, stylists spend less time fiddling with temperatures and settings.

The Supersonic R also features enhanced technologies from Dyson's original hairdryer. Its powerful Dyson Hyperdymium motor, advanced heat controls, and iconic Dyson technology maintain fast drying times without excessive heat. A miniaturized motor even fits into the curved handle despite the compact body.

While beloved by consumers, Dyson designed its new Supersonic R explicitly for professional use. Industry wear-and-tear inspired the durable and customizable design. An easy-access air filter protects the dryer's inner workings within chaotic salon environments. The £399 price tag also positions the Supersonic R as a stylist's must-have investement.

As part of Dyson's four-year $700 million investment into new beauty technologies, the Supersonic R kicks off an exciting pipeline. Though not confirmed, we may even see some of the R's advancements like RFID in future Dyson hair tools.

The Dyson Supersonic R launches in Australia this June before rolling out to other markets. Salons can preorder the Supersonic R soon for £399. Home consumers unfortunately cannot purchase the dryer. But with such smart advancements, Dyson is clearly signaling more exciting hair tools to come.

Via theverge


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