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When is the Next Shogun Episode Coming Out?

The historical drama genre has a new exemplar with FX's recent limited series, Shogun. Based on the renowned novel of the same name, the show transports viewers to 17th century Japan, an era of turbulent politics, cultural clashes, and deadly battles.

When is the Next Shogun Episode Coming Out?
Shogun: A Tale of Intrigue and Power Unfolds

Featuring impressive production designs and gripping action scenes, the series centers around a powerful daimyo struggling to maintain his position against challengers. It also follows a foreign merchant unexpectedly drawn into the daimyo's machinations.

Through its compelling characters and immersive setting, the adaptation has attracted significant attention. It skillfully brings to life the page-turning story's themes of intrigue, allegiance, and cultural exchange in a volatile period. Fans eagerly await the unfolding of intermingled fates against a backdrop of shifting tides in Japanese feudal society.

The Release Schedule Unveiled

As viewers eagerly anticipate each episode, here is the full release schedule for "Shogun":

  • Ep.1: "Anjin" - Premiered on Tuesday, Feb. 27
  • Ep.2: "Servants of Two Masters" - Premiered on Tuesday, Feb. 27
  • Ep.3: "Tomorrow is Tomorrow" - Streaming on Tuesday, March 5
  • Ep.4: "The Eightfold Fence" - Streaming on Tuesday, March 12
  • Ep.5: "Broken to the Fist" - Streaming on Tuesday, March 19
  • Ep.6: "Ladies of the Willow World" - Streaming on Tuesday, March 26
  • Ep.7 to Ep.10: Scheduled for subsequent Tuesdays until April 23

A Cast of Characters

The series boasts a talented ensemble cast including Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Yoshii Toranaga, Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne, and Anna Sawai as Lady Mariko. This diverse array of characters adds depth and intrigue to the unfolding saga.

Navigating the Release Dates

For those engrossed in this captivating tale, episodes are released on Hulu and FX as follows:

  • In the US: Episodes air on FX every Monday night and are available on Hulu shortly after.
  • In the UK: Exclusive access to "Shogun" is through a Disney Plus subscription.


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